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No, you are not crazy, you are ascending, and apart of the ‘Ascension Package’ is the purification and quickening of our Spiritual gifts such as our healing capacities, psychic and intuitive abilities and telepathic communications. And the moment that you and your Soul Mates connect on a spiritual level, during the ‘Acquaintance of the Spirit’ period, the both of you will have a direct route to each other’s spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Yikes, right, no, it’s actually demonstrates the sheer brilliance of Spirit, and here’s why.

The spoken word is a product of third dimensional creation. The spoken word is a bi product of humanities dissension. There is this story in the Bible about the Tower of Babel where it speaks on the how language was first introduced on planet earth and the chaos that it ensued. Although it is considered a fable, there is much truth to this story, because prior to the spoken or written word, telepathy was the original form of communication. Telepathy is the purest form of exchanging information through ideas,, emotions and memories directly from one person to another without speaking or writing a word. Telepathic transmission is a 4th dimension and beyond mode of communication, it has a higher vibrational frequency than language.

The whole basis of language is manipulation, it is denser and slower vibration than telepathy, and it has traditional been the vehicle of manipulation and disparity among humans. For those who have been able to master language, are usually the ones that holds the most power. Because of the slower and denser vibration of language, so much of the purity, and truth gets lost in translation, and with this, it leaves all users vulnerable to conflict and misunderstanding, and of course, we all know that this is the beginning of the breakdown of relationships This 3rd dimensional frequency that most of us are vibrating on relies heavily on the mental body aspect, and this is why language is so important to many.

Telepathic communications on the other hand bypasses the entire dramatic ridiculouness of deciphering language. There is no decoding; frequencies are read directly from another person. You will begin to understand people’s mental, physical and emotional state. It is not a mental state, from mind to mind as portrayed in ‘Hollywood’. Telepathy is received through the heart chakra that usually has emotional information and mental information as well. The soul mate connection heart to heart connection is extremely intense for a reason. It forces open the Heart Chakra open so that not only the physiological feelings of love can spin through it, but it creates a portal for telepathic communication from mate to mate, then spreading to the greater population.

Telepathic communication is also received through the 7th chakra, our Spirit body, which is a very high vibrational chakra. The mental body does have its place, because it has a deductive, reasonable nd logical. So once information is received in the heart, the mental body can bring understanding to the information.

It makes sense as to why soul mates are becoming the fastest growing group of humans that are tapping in and using their telepathic abilities. Since a part of our mission as soul mates is to create an enlightened and purer template of relationships, it becomes obvious as to why; language would be the first mode of communication to disintegrate. In our soul mate connection, we are learning how to operate from the realm of unconditional love, which is a very high vibration; we are learning just how to create an intention spiritual bond of love, trust, peace, cooperation and compassion with humanity. We are beginning to shake loose all forms of lower vibrational communications that was traditional used in relationships. Telepathy will give us a greater ability to read energy and take that knowledge to create relationships in every form to a higher ground.

so for the mates that believe they have a direct invisible like you each other, you are correct. It’s important to receive that information so that you can build the bridge of density to the spiritual with your mate. This link will grow stronger and more fluent the more you work toward removing emotional and physical impediments. Usually you will find that in these connections, that the mate that is doing the most work at removing the impediment, especially within the emotional body, will have the strongest telepathic transmission. The reason behind this is because the as we remove blocks to our emotional body, we clear a crap load of blockages to our heart chakra, and remember, most of the telepathic information is received through the heart chakra. Also, when we remove blocks to our emotional and physical body, we raise our vibration, and high vibrational frequencies further and quickens the telepathic connections, not only between you and your mate, but with other life forms and other dimensions.

So, again, no, you are not crazy, you are ascending, and some really cool gifts are being bestowed upon us, and this is another case for doing your clearing work, so that we can take this connection to a higher plane.

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Keesha Washington is the founder and spiritual guide of Inner Wisdom’s Way Spiritual Guidance Services. She assists soul mates in making sense of the confusion and conflict they are having with their soul mate . She helps soul mates identify and remove any impediments that are blocking their soul mate connection. And she helps individuals step by step in attracting their soul mate into their life. To contact Keesha for assistance in your soul mate connection,

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  1. this is really hard, i sense he wants me to get a message i cant "read"...i dont want him to suffer because of me.. dont know what to do. i think i know who he his but is insanely impossible. thank you for your blog.

  2. My heart pounds slower and harder, a word with each beat. My mind deciphers the message. I wonder if it's his subconscious mind speaking, or if he is aware of me as I of him.

  3. I have had first hand experience of this. I was at work and my (true) soul mate at home. It was like a thought of my own, but I knew it was his. He was missing me a lot and then I felt his hand go across my butt (lol). Later that night I asked him about this and asked them if the thoughts were real and he said yes and began to laugh and said that he "can't get away with nothing". But now I have a burning curiosity of how to do it more, as every human does when finding pleasure especially with a loved one. Is there a step up? Or a way to make it stronger?

  4. I have an interesting story to that is almost reaching its glorious conclusion. For the past three months, my soulmate and I have been separated by physical distance, each of us in our own corner of the world. The pain of separation has been intense, and many, many times we have felt each other's emotions at exactly the same time. But what is most wonderful, is that we have been able to transform all of the loneliness, separation, and longing for the other with love, joy, peace, and utter contentment! soulmate is coming back to me! Very soon, in fact, the minute she steps off that plane, I am going to ask her to be my wife! Have hope everyone!

  5. Thank you for saying that I am not crazy and I am not the only one who have experiences like this one.

  6. I love my soul mate but seems like some blockage or negative got involved with our connect. I m hope he know that to

  7. without thankfulness,connectedness in unimaginable,,>>

  8. OMG THANK YOU! SOMEONE WHO GETS IT! "The whole basis of language is manipulation, it is denser and slower vibration than telepathy''

  9. I have started attending a church where telecommunicative telepathy is very much abounding.

    I think at first it is a rather perplexing practice, but after a while one becomes more accustomed to the fluidity of this 4th dimensional language communication.

    In addition, not only are words used, but facial expressions, and emotions.

    Thank you for your text.


  10. When me and my wife hold each other at night I know she can hear me I think shake that ass and she do but when I speak of it in person she looks at me like I am crazy maybe she thinks its not real but then we both have very nutty minds that she never speaks of in person..