Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ATTENTION SOUL MATES & TWIN FLAMES: You can run, but you can't hide

I have become hooked on creating YouTube videos on the topic of Primary Soul Mates and Twin Flame connections. As I receive ‘downloads’, higher information from Spirit, I create a video, or if I receive an email from a follower who is very confused, frustrated or completely exhausted by their Twin Flame or Soul Mate connection, I will help them out with some of my off the beat but extremely accurate wisdom and guidance. I created what I thought was one of my most important videos on Free will. Apparently, people have been very confused about the whole concept of Free Will as it relates to their Flames and soul Mates. I was receiving a hell of a ton of ‘panic’ emails, asking me the big question: “Keesha, what about Free Will? What if my beloved doesn’t choose me? In the video, I tried to break down the whole concept of Free Will and how our human understanding of it is so limited and misleading, and this miseducation has tainted the minds and hopes of Soul Mates and Twin Flames that are struggling to come together, so when you get a chance, please visit my YouTube channel to see just how I laid it down!

Now for the topic at hand, you can run but you cannot hide, this article will hopefully give you some insight about the futility of running from the soul mate and twin Flame energy. But, I would like to make note that there are exceptions, but very few exceptions to this rule. Now, I have written over and over again about the soul mate and Twin Flame energy, and how the connection is not a mere falling in love, romanticized, sexual yearning connection, that it is a very powerful vibrational magnetic connection. Now my peers in this field and myself all agree that this connection is apart of a soul contract for those of us that carry this energy, meaning that prior to our birth, we carried within us a energetic vibration signal geared towards magnetizing our vibrational compliment, in simpler words, we were born to walk this beautiful journey of spiritual love and all of the forces in the cosmos are awaiting for us to awaken to this path.

See, when we are in a state of panic, and for lack of better words, in a state of ignorance, we do not understand the sheer power that backs these connections, power that makes the whole concept of Free Will laughable. I am now going to attempt to do my best to explain the power that keeps these connections in forward motions.
The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful Laws not only in this cosmic space, but throughout the Cosmos in general. This law or energy is, what I call the law of relationships. This law ensures that all things in the Cosmos relate to one another according to their frequency signature. if you take a deeper look at how the cosmos, you will see that absolutely nothing stand alone, not even God or the Most High itself, because in essence, all of us humans carry a relationship charge that draws us to our spiritual relationship or Union with God, and although we do not have the full power of “the One’, we have the potential within us to unfold in greater degrees to move closer and closer to the Infinite energy of God, so see, all things in the cosmos have an energetic compliment, as well as lesser energetic potential that carry the potential to unfold as a compliment.

How the Law of Attraction works with Primary Soul Mate and Twin Flames

As I had stated earlier, soul mates and twin Flames carry within their celluar DNA and soul composite, an energetic frequency geared towards magnetizing their complimentary energetic match, much like a key to a lock. With this said, as we carry on with our lives, going in and out of relationship with people we believe are a fit to us, we are actually searching for the lock to fit our key. Most people, who believe in the concept of Karma, call these unsuccessful fits with various mates in our lives as Karmic partnerships. But since I am a simple girl, and see things very plainly, I like to use this analogy of the key and lock. So there we are, carrying this energetic complimentary charge, but not really knowing it, but inside of us is this deep desire to feel the wholeness within us. So we go from one relationship to another. Placing our key in many locks, and with each attempt we are finding that these relationship do not carry that soul satisfying quench we just know lays deep within us. Now as we go in and out of relationships, and as we struggle to line our energy up with the mate in front of us, we are learning and growing, we are finding out through contrast the things we like and don’t like, we are waking up, and with each miss, we are being shaken up and pointed to our true spiritual nature, awakening to the Soul mate or Twin Flame path.

Some of us awaken, and get busy in getting clear about what we don’t want, but still have a vague idea of what we do want, at least consciously, but deep inside our DNA and within our soul composite, we KNOW. So once that strong signal is sent out into the Law of Attraction, whether we consciously send it out or not, the law of Attraction begins to draw to us our energetic compliments. Now here is the kicker, the more in tune you are with your spiritual nature, the more easily you will recognize and ACCEPT ‘The One’. There is RECOGNITION and ACCEPTANCE that needs to happen before the key can fit the lock properly. I say this because the Universe will bring to us many potential relationships that carry similar energetic frequencies of our own. Okay, let me break this down even further.

See, because we are vibrational beings, and we learn and evolve through our experiences, we hold within our vibrations many experiences and emotions that relate to any particular subject or theme within our lives. So if we are sending out a vibrational signal out into the universe about a particular subject or desire, usually our vibration is not clear, we send out not only our desire for that things, but also the vibration of all of the previous experiences we have gathered within our energy about that particular desire. Think of a spectrum, where we have a lesser vibrational desire that sits on one end of the spectrum and the strongest or exact math vibration sitting on the other end of the spectrum. You got it? I think you do.
So we are sending out this signal of lesser and stronger desire and the Law of Attraction will send in our experience the potentials. And if we carry the soul mate or twin Flame energy, we will eventually draw to us our exact energetic compliment, our key to our lock; and now that we are in the period of acceleration, where like is magnetizing like frequency, this coming together is happening at record rate. Okay, so depending on where we are on our spiritual growth, we will not only recognize our complimentary energy, we will also have the ability to accept this energy for what it is. The ‘stayers’ are the ones that usually fall in this category; they recognize and accept the energetic connection. But If you have not awakened to both the recognition and acceptance of this energy, you will become the ‘runner’, and this is okay, because soon or later, the runner will find out that his or her ass ain’t really running anywhere.

Running is essential

Boy do we panic when our beloved pull away! We get so scared when they don’t accept the connection for what it is and they don’t just frickin choose us and get on with the business of making non stop love and happily ever after. But if you are clueless to the spectrum of potentiality, cellular DNA memory and the soul’s composite, you will panic at the physical actions of your mate, you will take the running as rejection, and not what it really is, an exploration of one’s soul and an awakening to one’s true path.

See, you, the mate that recognized and accepted this energy, have enough spiritual growth and attunement to sift through the potentials that the Law of Attraction presents to us, but our mate, who are usually less awaken and less attuned see not only you, the mate, they also see the other potentials that lays on their spectrum. Because the runner is unaware of the cellular memory and the Soul composite that gears him or her to follow this path, they believe that they are in control of who they will spend the rest of their lives with and they are the ones that choose their mates; so they see these potentials as an opportunity to explore their choice. They don’t see yet that the lesser potentials that may carry similar vibrational frequency are not ‘the one’ that their soul is really yearning for. So as they are running from you and entering in one relationship after another, they too are awakening slowly to their true nature.

See, the lesser potentials that are on your mates vibrational spectrum play a very important role in the awakening of your mates’ true path to you. See, the potentials sit on the lesser vibratory end of the spectrum for a reason, they usually carry a weaker spiritual frequency, meaning that their energy will carry more chaos or an energetic void. This void and chaos will force your mate to feel that painful spiritual restlessness. This restlessness will then force your mate to search within his or herself for the truth of who they are. And one by one, as they go from one relationship to the next, and one failure to the next, they are becoming sober to not only their spiritual nature, but they are accepting the truth, and that is, this, in accept themselves, they are essentially accepting you or choosing you. This can feel like a painstakingly drawn out dramatic process for the ‘stayer’ and a confusing and frustrating process for the ‘runner’, but it is a very necessary process for the both of you. See, the both of you must learn to become obedient and trust the Laws of the Universe, and to learn to use your spiritual energy to create harmony and truth.

In close, stop worrying and get busy removing the emotional and energetic dysfunctions within yourself so that you can continue to stand on the higher end of the vibrational spectrum for your beloved, so that he or she can truly have a clear vibrational pathway to his or her true nature, and to you.


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  2. Thank you SOOOOOO much for writing this. I have been looking for explainations about the "you can run, but you can't hide" in relationships involving soulmates for years. Your article speaks the truth. I've never heard it explained like this before. I am a definite 'stayer' in a situation that is going on three years now and it definitely feels "painstakingly drawn out". However, your words bring me a greater sense of calm about doing what my guides always ask me to do...which is to 'wait'. Thank you :- )

  3. Thank you keesha for the insight! I have read plenty of links about twin flames running and how much confusion this can be and also discouraging at times. But I know patience is the key and just take day by day!! Thanx

  4. Wow. This really puts into perspective what I am going through. I am a 'stayer.' Even though he ran, I knew when he did so that we were not over. He is still running after 5 months and I am trying to stay together and am working on myself. It eases the heart a bit to know that he "knows" it too. Thank you.

  5. Keesah, If you knew me you would know that I am rarely speechless. I can not express to you how much I needed this advise. I am living this right now, and couldn't have found anything better to help me though this. Bless the divine for your counsel.

  6. Keesha,
    how can i contact you directly. i need of sharing this process with someone who understands it's complexity and nature. - R.

  7. Hello keesha,

    i would first like to say very nice article. Explained the concept of soul mate and twin flame connections in a much better way then many of the other sites ive read over. A bit of information about myself, i am an occultist with 18 years of combined experience. I have displayed more then one kind of psychic ability and i take spirituality very seriously. I have been a practicing witch for 13 years, i have been using sorcery for about 6 months, ive done astral projection a number of times,ive psychicly healed friends of minor aliments invoked spirits, and even conversed with my spirit guide and the list goes on. I was told by 2 psychics that i would encounter my soul mate and was told by one of them that i would encounter her sometime in the next year and a half, I am determined not to encounter her now that i know about her in advance. Now after reading this article, and some others, i understand that according to divine law if one or both soul mates decide not to come together then they must part. even though meeting a soul mate may not be escapable,what is your position on divine law and soul mate or twin flames that choose not to be together?

  8. Thank you my, you have confirmed what I have been feeling against all logic. Time ot enjoy the now :-)

  9. Thank you so much!!! It was lovely I enjoyed reading this so much.
    Merci Merci

  10. Thank you Keesha, my beloved Christos ran away after the most wonderful year of my life. I knew I had finally found my true love. When I went through the separation which felt like a drug withdrawal and I did not know what was happening to me, I learned about twin flame. I did not know that our souls resonated to the same frequency. I await his return forever. He is in my energy field every second of every day and I look for him in the faces of the crowds. Knowing one day I will see his beautiful face again.

  11. I hate my twin flame...we did the lovey dovey thing. the hate thing and now im doing my thing....running. My twin flame stopped chasing me sometime last year because i told him to. He had an affair for about 8 months with some chicky babe up the road. Now he sleeps with any women he can find that'll give him sex. I just run, i like it.I don't feel his energy on the streets anymore, and i feel so so free. He tells me he is a traveller and seeks pleasure in women and loves his life. He said that sex is just sex not Lust and that i have lust and one day he will come and get it. what a funny guy. we live two blocks away from each other. We dont talk telepathic anymore because half the time i'm not listening. Its been 22 months now. One day i'll stop day. I just dont have a need for that other half of me at the moment. Ive got enough crap in my life as it is, i do not need a twin flame on top of it all at the moment so he can just wait until i'm ready.

  12. Time and Time Again, my soulmate and I have been the runners on one way or the other. In every way, we are perfect mirrors of each other. But, once again, he's running. Because he says he cannot give his all to me, but wants to give it to the cause he's dedicated to. He admitted that he's terrified of the way I love him; of how intense it feels to be loved so completely.

    He's taken half my heart with him, and we've fought so much over it. There are moments where I can't breathe. I have to trust that God will not keep us apart, and that we'll have a future together before he returns to the Heavens. But that I have to wait for him to do his thing and learn to do mine so that we can have a future. I just pray he doesn't die before he comes back to me.


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  14. I feel like I'm going to die. I met my twin flame in a spiritual workshop this summer. Our eyes met and It felt like a shot into my heart. We suddenly started finishing each other's sentences. I knew what he was thinking. Others started commenting on our strange synchronicities. He is physically the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. He kept commenting on how I was an obvious "earth angel" which I never was told before. We spent hours at sunrise talking watching the sun come up before the workshop. I barely ate or slept, literally able to feed off his energy. I've never felt so connected to source energy before. We know we are suppose to work together to open a school. We both had a calling months ago. He lives in another part of the world though. My entire world has collapsed. I came back home and everything has changed, I had to leave my unhappy marriage because I can't live a lie anymore. I can still feel him and feel his energy. He won't respond to my emails. I don't know what to do. I have changed my life, except for my professional career that I am working into completing yet another college degree to open my school. However I cry constantly. I feel so much pain in separation. The day I took him to the shuttle my heart broke and I keep crying. I don't know how to deal with this. Will he ever come to me? Is he scared? He knows how intense it all was and we didn't know why. I have done so much research to try and find out what just happened and now I know. He is my twin. But what do I do? I can't handle the pain sometimes. I'm not normally like this. I was married for 16 years and never felt this type of love. I don't understand what is happening or what to do. I just sit waiting for him to reply. To contact me, I have made a place for us to do our work. We have so much to accomplish but I need his energy. I feel so weak without it.

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  19. "The potentials sit on the lesser vibratory end of the spectrum for a reason, they usually carry a weaker spiritual frequency, meaning that their energy will carry more chaos or an energetic void. This void and chaos will force your mate to feel that painful spiritual restlessness."

    You say that the potentials will carry an energy of chaos...but I thought that the twin flame connection was chaotic itself. Could you perhaps explain the difference?

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