Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Folks and the Whole Twin Flame and Soul Mate Connection

Hey, I am a black woman who happens to be a clairvoyant empathic intuitive. Wait, wait, wait..if that’s not bizarre enough, I teach and guide men and women through the process of ascension and soul mate and twin flame energetic connections. My voice and presence is very unique in the New age Spirituality, love and relationship arena, and yes, I bring a very fresh approach to the topics, but I am considered unique because I am BLACK! .

Now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of Black forerunners that have paved my way, but you will be hard pressed to find any of them teaching on the topic of Twin Flames and Soul Mate connections; why is this, I asked myself, and after some thought I awakened to a important insight around the reasons why; so bear with me as I explain. .

Although we have black leaders in the New Age Spirituality movement, it is still dominated by those of European descent. And although, as we evolve on the path of spirituality, we eventually come to the understanding of oneness, and we make the important break of over identifying with our racial and cultural backgrounds, and move into a more global mindset, making this shift is very difficult for Blacks of African descent. The difficulties come in because we as an entire race have very specific barriers that keep us stuck emotionally, physically and spiritually that spiritual leaders of European descent do not address. And for some of us, we feel have to make this horrible choice between turning our backs to the pain and disparately that our race has suffer to embrace a spirituality that is indeed free from dogma, but lead by the very culture of people whose lineage that created this horrific nightmare of our race.

So this dissonance that many blacks experience and rarely talk about, keeps us spinning in circles, in a place of mistrust and most importantly out of touch with the many shifts that are taking place in the Universe that has absolutely nothing to do with racial, cultural or gender identity. .

The shifts that are happening now within the Universe is affecting everyone, whether they identify with spirituality from a free form point of view or not. But it is especially affecting those who are awakening in very specific ways. For example, the whole insurgence and awakening of Twin Flame and Soul Mate energetic connections. As a black woman that teaches and assist men and women of all races and cultures about this awakened energy, I find the greatest hesitation to embrace this energy are of my fellow black brothers and sisters, and thy are also the very ones to struggle the most in connecting with their mates.

After doing a ton of readings for specifically black couples who are entering in or involved with the soul mate and twin flame connection, I found that blacks as a whole have a special mission as it relates to this energy. Not only are black being challenged to embrace and flow with this energy, they are also being forced to work through not only their emotional, psychological and physical impediments, they are being called by Spirit to change the entire programming of our entire race as it relates to relationships and love on a grand scale! This becomes a shock and overwhelm to most Blacks that come to me for assistance because this soul mate and twin flame energy magnifies all the wounds we have experienced individually and collectively as a race. We are challenged to open ourselves up in areas of our lives that we have been taught to keep very quiet. We are challenged to place ourselves in support networks of people that do not share our same racial and cultural backgrounds, but do share similar spiritual evolutionary experiences. We are being forced to really take a look at love from a generous perspective when some of us have been taught to withhold as a defense mechanism. .

Yes, Blacks are arising and connecting with the spiritual connections of unconditional love and spiritual unions at record numbers, and as a sister, a guide and a translator of this energy, I want to make it my business to let people of African descent know that it is imperative to our spiritual evolution to keep staying open, and don’t shut down just because this energy is moving us out of our familiar place, and to trust that Spirit has a master plan in all of this confusion and insanity, and that plane is to bring all of humanity to wholeness and oneness.

Keesha Michelle Washington is a Spiritual Life Guide that supports men and women in living in integrity with their spiritual values and principles. She also assists men and women in finding and maintaining spiritual relationships. She is available to answer questions about spiritual relationships and spiritual growth. You can learn more about her service work by visiting her websites.


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  2. Thank you for shedding much needed light on this topic of Twin Flame and the Black experience. I have been very interested in this dynamic for a variety of reasons, one main one being that I believe I have been experiencing some strong soul/spiritual connection with someone. It has aided in helping me to spiritually awaken a whole lot more and I strongly sense it has been reciprocated on their end. As I have been researching this topic, I started really wanting to get a minority perspective on this topic. I stumbled upon your website after typing in "black people and twin flame". I truly appreciate your much needed invitation for Black people to now begin to shift our own views and open ourselves up to new perspectives that include letting go of some of the remnants of our historic struggle. These struggles are not to be forgotten, as they are deeply interwoven in the fabric of our existence here in North America. The invitation to let go of parts of the struggle that hold us back spiritually is very important right now as human spiritual, emotional, and psychological consciousness is evolving at an exponential rate. In order for us to continue to grow (as minorities) there are unique issues in us collectively that we need to shed light on and be ok with these issues coming to the surface.

    It is important to be open to this obvious shift that is happening in all of our consciousness, while also bringing in and welcoming in our unique cultural essence. I appreciate your perspective because you are viewing this relationship phenomenon through eyes I relate to a bit more. I relate to it through many of the sites I have encountered, but there always felt like a little something extra was missing for me. And that something extra was the obvious minority perspective on this topic. Thank you so much and please keep posting. Please also check out my blog.

  3. I AM so grateful to have stumbled upon this article today. My partner and are both "black" and twin flames! There seems to be a real void in information that speaks to our culture! We are also both empathic/clairsentian. We are planning to write a book about our experiences and are happy to share with the world that we are engaged to be married this summer.

    Profound gratitude!
    Estelle and Franklin

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  5. Very interesting Keesha! I would like to add that the whole Twin Flame Teachings originally began in ancient Egypt and ancient Africa therefore. It is very, very important we help heal the Black Consciousness, as it is rising. Please take a look and scan through articles on our Blog and let me know what you see, I could use some help in spreading Michael Jackson´s Black Twin Flame Experience Perspective, combined with mine as an Egyptian.

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